Age at diagnosis: 31
Family history of breast cancer: no
Stage 3, estrogen positive


My story began with MIL being diagnosed in march 2015. I attended her first chemo and met McGrath breast care nurse Rebecca hay while she was recouperating from surgery. Who would have thought I would be diagnosed only a few months later. I never found a lump, only noticed I was swollen in my armpit as I was checking out my wax job. I was overweight but thought nothing of it, until it clicked that my right side wasn’t the same. I was diagnosed on 23 July 2015with stage 3 ER and PR positive breast cancer, I had 3cm tumour in my left breast and a 5cm tumour in my armpit. It was determined I needed to go through 8 gruelling rounds of chemo, lumpectomy and full axillary clearance and then as my surgical margins weren’t clear, I had to endure more then normal radiotherapy over 200kms away from home.

There wasn’t time to save any eggs for me to have my own children, it was my life or the possibility of children. My partner just wanted me here, so I will be awesome Aunty Dee. My adventure took a positive turn when I was announced in remission on 2 July 2016, I hate the word journey, I have to look at it as an adventure, and that what it is, I have grown to be a stronger person working through my treatment (I can’t thank my workplace enough, westvic containers export) my relationship with my partner is better then ever and even though I still, have side effects and are trying to return to the new normal for me, I am more positive and less stressed about the little things. Life really is too short and we need to make the most of it!