2021 So Brave Calendar – Special Edition


While we weren’t able to conduct our beautiful body paints this year, we do hope that you appreciate our very SPECIAL EDITION 2021 So Brave Calendar. And hope we can still brighten your day and inspire you as you turn through the pages each month.

Sales of the 2021 Calendar support So Brave’s mission to empower young breast cancer survivors, educate the next generation of young women and fund research to change the future for young women. Join us by buying one (or many) of our beautiful SPECIAL EDITION 2021 So Brave Calendars  for yourself and all the special women in your life!


While there's been so much heartache this year, there's also much to be grateful for. Even as our beautiful annual So Brave Calendar of which we have so proudly produced with young breast cancer survivors across Australia hasn't been able to proceed this year. We are still very grateful that this has given us time and space as an organisation to reflect and recommit to our mission - to educate, to empower and to fund research to change the conversation for young women in Australia.

In its stead, we do hope that you appreciate our very SPECIAL EDITION So Brave 2021 Calendar. Filled with beautiful imagery, quotes and inspiration to empower young women.

We've continued to work with our So Brave Model Ambassador candidates throughout this trying time, including the loss of one of our beautiful young ladies - Belinda, we hope to carry on your legacy and make you proud by replicating the grace and humility you exemplified. Unfortunately, we were never able to do her bodypainting day due to the current circumstances. However, she is a very valued member of our community and we are very thankful to artist Kyla Morgan for her beautiful tribute painting in what would have been her Calendar month - November.

We really hope you like our SPECIAL EDITION So Brave Calendar which coincides with the release of our new guide to bravery and resilience for young women, Me: Without Reservation (find out more at sobrave.com.au/me).

Now more than ever, we are determined to inform, empower and pass down vital health advocacy skills to the next generation and join with you to be those thoughtful, committed citizens looking to change the world - thank you again for your continued support!


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