Raise awareness that young women get breast cancer too

  • to educate and engage communities, including rural and regional communities in Australia, to raise awareness about breast cancer diagnoses in people under the age of 40;
  • to facilitate community education and awareness programs, and to accumulate and disseminate relevant information, including in rural and regional Australia;
  • to associate and collaborate with other similar incorporated Australian or international bodies whose interests and objectives align with the company’s, to promote activities that benefit young women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, their families and their communities;

Raise funds for research

  • to obtain financial support from the private and public sectors in Australia for the activities of the company;
  • to support research into the cause, cure and treatment of breast cancer;
  • to raise the financial resources necessary to promote and achieve outcomes consistent with our stated objectives; and to promote responsible and sustainable stewardship of the organisation to ensure maximum funds are raised and used to further these objects, including efficient administration of the organisation, providing opportunities for voluntary and probono contribution and exposure, and making careful decisions about how money is used in order to keep administrative overheads to a minimum.

Empower young women with breast cancer through visual and creative artistic expression

  • encourage visual and creative artistic expression for young people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, to provide life changing and empowering experiences for those people;
  • to provide support and benefit to young women diagnosed with breast cancer and their communities;