So Brave, as the only breast cancer charity in Australia specifically advocating for and representing young women, has worked with hundreds of young women over the past 5 years:


breast cancer survivors to face their fears and embrace their bodies;

high-school students, university students, volunteers and interns to become advocates for themselves and for their community to initiate change;

the industry in recognising the specific needs of young women facing and experiencing breast cancer, bringing change within the breast cancer charity-sector, medical profession and broader community.


We have watched those young women embrace themselves, exude newfound confidence, expand their knowledge, and come closer to discovering their incredible potential.

Therefore, we have teamed up with some incredible experts across a number of diverse fields to share their invaluable knowledge with you and cover off on absolutely everything to help you become ….

Designed specifically for young women aged 15-25, Me: Without Reservation
and its complementary corresponding expert-led and facilitated course will cover:

Vision & Goal Setting
Breast Awareness
Mental Health
Financial Fitness
Health & Wellness
Sexual & Reproductive Health

Meet Our Experts
Meet Our Experts
Meet Our Experts
Meet Our Experts
Meet Our Experts
Meet Our Experts
Meet Our Experts
Meet Our Experts
Meet Our Experts
Meet Our Experts
So Brave
So Brave
Meet Our Experts
So Brave
So Brave
Meet Our Experts

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Do you ever just doubt EVERYTHING?

Your job, your degree choice, your friendships, your body, your future, your thoughts, your chance at love…?

 Let’s find you – the you that is Me: Without Reservation


Unsure about your next steps? Listen to inspiring women who were in the same position as you and squash your fear of failure to go out and achieve your crazy dreams!

Don’t know what career you should pursue? Questioning the career you are in? Walk away understanding exactly what you like, what you are good at, what kind of work suits your personality type and what kind of work environment suits you!

Struggling to find work? Learn how to package yourself up to sound great, how to put yourself out there and not take rejection personally, get tips and tricks for job applications.

Don’t know you need to do breast checks? We will share the stories of famous young women who you may have not even realised who have had to face breast cancer at a young age. As well as, women just like you, who never thought they would get cancer.  You do not need to have a family history of breast cancer to be at risk and yes, young women get breast cancer too!

Not doing regular breast checks? We have got you covered with detailed instructions, so you can confidently conduct your monthly breast checks! Knowing exactly when you need to go see your doctor.

Questioning whether some of the relationships in your life are healthy? Take a step back to reflect on the traits you expect in a healthy relationship and if they match your reality. Learn when you need to find help if you find yourself in a negative relationship and where to find it.

Catch yourself putting yourself last, so you don’t disappoint everyone else? Allow yourself to acknowledge that you deserve time to yourself. We will give you easy steps to help you fit self-care into your busy schedule.

Want to be able to take time for yourself without feeling like you are being lazy? Self-care doesn’t have to be a long bubble bath (but a bubble bath never hurt nobody), it can just take 5 minutes. Learn how to take a moment for you every day.

Is it hard to judge whether what you think and feel is normal? While mental health is talked about much more, it is still seen as an awkward topic. Mental health is just as important as physical health. Find out how to keep track of your own mental wellness, the warning signs if your mental health is deteriorating and the different kinds of people you can feel comfortable asking for help.

Stressed about being stressed? Take the time and space to acknowledge your worry. You don’t have to try and solve all your problems at once, just allow us to give them the time to speak.

Think you don’t have enough knowledge to speak out on a topic? Get access to incredible resources and expert advice on specific information for you. So Brave have worked with hundreds of young women over the last 5 years, empowering them to speak up for themselves and for their community. We want you to have the same confidence and knowledge behind you to know when to light that fire and speak up!

Taxes? Super?? Investing??? Know you should save but feel a bit clueless about the rest of it all? Let’s do a financial health check together, so you can use your finances to their highest potential!

Are your finances holding you back from what you want to achieve in your life? Let’s have a look at your goals and what it would take to make them happen. Then you can start planning now!

Do you love yourself? You are amazing , we are going to guide you away from comparing yourself to others and appreciate the real you.

Do not think that you are perfect? None of us are. Learn to address your flaws and look at them in a new light.

Finding it harder than usual to keep on track and stay healthy? Find out exactly how you can change your lifestyle to encompass your ideal vision of health. Incorporate some useful tips to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

COVID-19 have you in a sedentary slump? Get moving! With a complementary instructed Pilates class!

Do you think there is still a lot of taboo surrounding women’s sexual and reproductive health? Enter a completely taboo-free, honest space to learn and speak freely what is normal for young women. 

Unsure if your period normal? Learn how to track your period, get in tune with your body and get clear advice when you need to see your doctor. Find out what how the contraception you are taking can affect your body and how to counteract it.

Want to know your rights when it comes to sexual consent? Know exactly if a situation your are entering into is something you know you want and has mutual consent.  

Be the first to get your hands on So Brave’s new book, filled with stories from inspirational women, thought-provoking activities, beautiful quotes, and useful tips. 

Daily interactive content including hands-on classes, fun activities, and reflective exercises. Listen LIVE to our expert interviews online, who will give you insight into how to: set goals, identify problematic relationships, check your mental health, learn about your own sexual and reproductive health, build confidence, practice self-care, be financially fit, be breast aware, speak up for yourself, take care of your health & wellness AND MUCH MORE! All of the resources will be recorded so you can watch it at your own convenience.

So you can keep organised and focused on your goals. It might look a little different from our usual So Brave calendar, but it is just as beautiful and as high quality as ever! 

Includes 6 natural beauty products, so you can refocus on you (valued at $54.95).









Me: Without Reservation, A young woman's guide to bravery and resilience

Me: Without Reservation

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