Completeing the Campaign Details Page

The form on the left allows you to create your very own presonal So Brave fundraising page on our site. You can setup you page with personal fundraising goals, and include a story on why raising funds to beat breast cancer is so important to you. 

Thankyou for being awsome, So Brave Team

Campaign Name: A short name to descibe your campaign, the link for your page will use this name

Short Description: A short and snappy description of your campaign, why are you raising funds for So Brave?

Fundraising Goal: What is your personal goal, $500 or $10,000 put your goal in here

Length in Days: How long do you want the campaign to stay open, leave blank if you want the campaign to stay open until the event ends. 

Category: Each So Brave Community Ambassador campaign is raising funds towards a specific So Brave event, campaign or trip. Select the category so that your campaign will appear on the correct page

Full Description: Have some fun with this section, you can include photos, a personal story about why you decided to raise money for So Brave. 

Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Aunties or Grandma, tell us why you want to see the end of cancer. 

Feature Image: This is the main image that appears in the Community Ambassador List on our website, include something memorable to make your campaign stand out

Donation Options: You can setup personal donation levels for your campaign, for example

  • $5 – buys 100 breast awarness cards for young women
  • $50 – helps women in rural areas find help
  • $150 – funds a PHD researcher for a day

you can also select if you want to allow recurring (ie monthly donation to your portal) via Paypal

Finally complete some personal details so we can get in contact with you, or send out your pack for race events.