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I was 38 when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Ok, how will I deal with this? I am quite a private person and like to just deal with things myself. I was quite busy with life, family, kids, sport. So when I was told I had breast cancer I just took that on like everything else and tried to keep things normal. I wanted things to be ‘normal’ for my family & friends. I’d say ‘I said to myself, it’s ok, I’ve got this. I can beat it!!’. When I was diagnosed for the second time with Breast Cancer, well……things aren’t that ‘normal’ anymore. (In my own head space). So when I was given the opportunity to become an Ambassador for So Brave, I thought this is what I want to do!! As I feel it is extremely important to get the message out to young girls to be body aware but for the right reason. To empower them with our story, to educate through talking about breast cancer and to improve the outcome of diagnosis and to hopefully, eventually have a cure for this disease. I feel that So Brave encompasses that. Even though you may go through something so traumatic as losing a breast or even both, you are still beautiful. Their calendar is so colourful & bright, each story is sad but also inspiring. You are not alone in this adventure. I want them to know that you can go on to live a normal life, even though it may be a new normal. So with my ‘village’ of family & friends I believe we can make a difference. Please, if you can support me in anyway no matter how big or small, how loud or quiet you do this we can achieve this together. Thankyou all from the bottom of my heart xx