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I had just turned 37, trying to start a family and very happy with life when I felt a lump on my right breast. Having had lumps checked before I recalled a doctor saying to me “if its painful, that’s good it’s the ones you can’t feel you should worry about”.

Well this wasn’t sore, it was big but i’m only 37, healthy, no family history..as if! Silly me didn’t act right away. Weeks later I got another reminder and went to get checked, straight away my doctor booked me for a mammogram and ultrasound. Within days I was booked in for more tests and told, ‘We’re pretty sure you have breast cancer, we need further tests to see how far its spread”. I choked, gasped, screamed and cried all at once, still not really believing what was going on…….

This year, I am taking back my life. I chose to participate in the So Brave 2020 breast cancer fundraising calendar to raise awareness that breast cancer can strike anyone, anytime. I was young, fit, with no family history. I struggle at times to look in the mirror, So Brave will cover my battered body in beautiful art making me feel whole again which will be invaluable to me.

Thank you for coming to my fundraising and awareness-raising events and for sharing this year with me – your support and donations are gratefully received. Thank you!