…to establish an empowered community which encourages and supports young people to ‘find their brave’ through education focused on breast awareness and health.

We shine a light for awareness around potential and current health issues, such as breast cancer, while normalising discussion so we can eventually shift from stigma to empowerment.

We know as young people, we’re not always taken seriously. As a consequence, we often don’t get the support that we need.
In many cases, our health doesn’t seem like our priority until an issue arises.

At Brave | You – we don’t think that’s good enough.

Everyone should have the confidence to advocate for their health, and have that confidence fostered in a safe community with the sole focus to educate, support and empower.

As the younger generation, we need to create a future that promotes health advocacy in young women on a broad spectrum by eliminating the stereotypical and stigmatised discussions around our bodies and mind.

Let’s raise awareness as a collective force by educating ourselves and other young women to be breast aware and empowering all young people to advocate for their health.


You will be joining forces with a collective of young women who are passionate about raising awareness and promoting health advocacy for ALL young people.

Through working with us to achieve our mission, you will be helping young people ‘find their brave’ and, in turn, find yours.


There are many ways to get involved with our collective. You can:

  • Contact us directly to express your interest in joining the committee;
  • Join our mailing list and we’ll let you know about upcoming events;
  • Start your own Brave | You group at your University or High School working within our frameworks.

Upcoming Events

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Find out more about Brave | You

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