I was 29, young, fit and healthy. There was no way I was expecting to be told the week of Christmas 2017 that I had Breast Cancer! In addition to this, being told it was a very aggressive type called Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

Triple Negative Breast Cancer has limited treatment options compared to other types and has a much lower 5 year survival rate. I have no family history and my genetic testing came back negative too, how on earth could this happen to me?!

I completed 6 months of Intravenous Chemotherapy, a Double Mastectomy with reconstruction and a further 6 months of oral Chemotherapy, which I completed January 2019.

“You can’t always change what happens to you, but you can change how you respond to it”.

For me, a part of that response is making a difference, raising awareness about Breast Cancer and the importance of being #breastaware and doing monthly self-checks.  

Being an ambassador for So Brave is a part of my response to what has happened to me too.

So Brave creates a community for young women with Breast Cancer, recognises the importance of implementing education to young women to be #breastaware, raising funds for research and providing support to the young women affected by this disease.

Being a So Brave Ambassador also provides me with the opportunity to own my new body, accept the scars, acknowledge my journey and stand strong, brave and beautiful in front of the camera for the So Brave Photoshoot. I can only imagine how healing this will be for me mentally and emotionally!

Thank you to So Brave and what they are achieving for the Australian Young Women’s Breast Cancer Community.